Are There Deal Breakers in Setting up a Business?

A small company will succeed if it manages to accept some help. But, it should not sell out its passion purpose. These things drive the business forward. They are called deal breakers. Inspiredmagz covers the importance of having a deal breaker as a small upstart. These things cannot be compromised. They keep the integrity of the business alive and well.

The question to ask is not if an upstart business leader should have deal breakers for their present and future endeavors, but what those deal breakers should be. The answer to the question hits right at the core of why the business is existing. See, not all upstarts should exist. Some are perfectly okay remaining a neat little idea that is never executed due to any reason. Take a pick. It could be a lack of finances, not enough time, a lack of momentum, bad timing, etc. There is one ingredient that all businesses (especially in those first few months) have that succeeds. There is an underlying passion. There is a reason for that business to exist that shoots far above the desire for money.

If the upstart has a passionate leader then it can conquer the world. Now, this is directly connected to a deal breaker because a passion has a purpose. If something breaks that purpose it is a deal breaker. A small theatre upstart is looking to teach children theatre. But, the theatre institution is forcing an age limit of 4. This is a deal breaker because it completely overrides any child over four. This person needs to leave the city or leave the theatre institution they are working with.

Another small theatre upstart is looking to teach children theatre while also being a daycare. But, the community rules dictate (for whatever reason) that these two things cannot coexist. They must exist in separate buildings. Is this a deal breaker? No, because it still allows the upstart to exist in its passion of helping children. Deal breakers can exist anywhere, but they ultimately seek to drive home what matters in the business. They are a reflection of the passion and they don’t need to be changed for anyone.